Experts explain why women may have nausea due to sex

Cosmo experts reported a couple of the most common reasons why women experience nausea from sex.

a woman may have nausea due to sex

1. Deep penetration

Strong deep movements influence the function of the vagus nerve branches, which causes a kind of protective reaction from the inside, which is why nausea appears.

How to proceed: this reaction can pass very quickly, but you should lie down, lift your legs higher and breathe deeply so that the symptoms go away. If situation repeats itself, talk to your partner about having sex in different positions.

2. Vitality (energy, life force)

If the sex was quite active, the malaise usually occurs only as a result of this. For example, you were constantly moving back and forth and up and down.

What to do: have sex slowly and watch your body's reaction.

3. Orgasm

It may cause nausea, but this is not a reason to give it up!

What to do: take a simple painkiller before sex.

4. Cyst

The most serious symptom is nausea. If you have an ovarian cyst or a hybrid neoplasm, it interferes with enjoyment.

How to proceed: contact a doctor.

5. Emotions

If you are in an unhealthy relationship, your body is able to respond to intimacy in this way, or «remember» something unpleasant in the past.

What to do: talk to a specialist, work out the injury, and break up with a tyrant.

6. Alcohol and drugs

They are usually causes of nausea even without sex.

What to do: do not use or take anything before intimacy and see how you will feel afterwards.

7. Sperm

It makes you feel nauseous, even if you felt good during coitus.

What to do: talk about it with your partner and don't swallow.

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