Every man now has the opportunity to understand women much better

In China, a device that simulates labor pains has been created. It was experimentally proved that almost none of the representatives of the strong half of humanity can withstand this pain. So, if the birth of children depended on men, China is unlikely to become the most populous country on the planet.

Women are not puzzle

The couple Zhang will become parents soon. The closer is the important event – the stronger is the excitement. To understand what the wife has to go through, the husband decided to literally feel the labor pains.

This test is for the strong in spirit. Sensors are attached to the abdomen, which transmit electrical impulses. At first, the person feels a slight tingling. Every minute the doctor increases the tension. At the last 12th level the pain is already comparable to the strongest labor contractions. Wife is watching with a smile on her rapidly fading husband; he's no longer a laughing matter. And though he hasn't said a word during the whole experiment, the perspiration on his forehead speaks for itself.

«Words can't describe it, it's just torture. Now I know having a baby is so hard! So we need to take better care of our beloved wives,» says future father Zhang Hongling.

«My husband and I are now closer to each other. And the after all men not understand, that such childbirth. It seems to them that it is all very natural and simple, but it is not so!» – says the future mother Zhang Shui.

Fortunately for the subjects, the experiment can be stopped at any time. Few people manage to hold out longer than 5 seconds. But the real contractions cannot be stopped; women in labor suffer severe pain for hours.

«I had no idea it was pain, hellish pain! As if something is tearing from within! Poor women, they need to be worn on their hands after such trials,» – says Liu Yang.

There are plenty of men who want to feel themselves a little pregnant. The maternity hospital no longer accommodates all volunteers; the actions are held in shopping centers. For many it was a revelation – for such an exclusively female cause, a fair share of courage is needed. Someone suffers, having clenched teeth. Someone can't sit still. And someone and at all immediately begs for mercy.

«We still have in some families husbands are not allowed to be present at birth, it is believed that this is purely for women. But a woman in labor at these moments especially needs support! And having felt on themselves, men will not be indifferent anymore», - the director of maternity hospital, the author of experiment Wu Jixing speaks.

Women are not prohibited from participating in the experiment. However, voluntarily very few decided to go through labor contractions ahead of time. Those who did dare now know what to prepare for.

However it seems men will not forget these feelings soon.

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