Don’t make basic errors when selecting an escort girl

There is no more ancient profession on the earth than female prostitution. It was blamed by the society, it was prohibited, it was punishable, but it stays always demanded. Sex is one of the main needs of the human body.

Don’t make basic errors when selecting an escort girl

And nowadays escort girls feel the pressure of the society but they continue to work, and the stream of the clients doesn’t become less. The state tries to control call girls but they find ways to get round all the obstacles.

Myths about the Profession

Prostitution is connected with an array of legends and myths but often they are groundless. The major part of them is invented by the outraged wives, who faced with the betrayal of the husband with a call girl. Their offence can be understood, but the motives of the unfaithful husbands who are not interested in their own wife are also clear. Unfortunately, in our everyday life it happens so that marriage vows don’t always stay the same all the life.

Sometimes people think that it is a calling to be a prostitute. It may be so but only talent is not enough to be a good escort. As in any other profession, professionalism is valued and it can be acquired along with the experience. A call girl must possess the qualities that attract clients to her and make them return to her again. It can be called career growth. It is the aim of each escort girl.

The experienced call girls of Irkutsk render only professional and quality services to the clients, and even choose the clients themselves.

They say that girls from the near abroad come to Russia to enter a university. If they don’t manage to pass the exams, they have to sell themselves in the streets. Actually more than 70% of the girls are Russians. Most of them are married and come from prosperous families. Of course, there are black girls and just foreigners but not many of them.

It is believed that panders and call girls walk near roads, cheap cafes and motels. In some cases it is the truth but more often call girls work at saloons and brothels, where they are more protected than in the street. And the client finds it more pleasant to deal with a relaxed girl, open to any of his fantasies.

What Realities of This Profession Nowadays

Prostitution gives an opportunity to earn much money rather quickly. For some girls it can become salvation but it is needed to understand that it is always ‘a single ticket’. It is very difficult to turn off this way, practically impossible. It is not because a call girl will be kept by somebody against her will, but the reason is that this profession defiles, attunes to get good money rather easily.

No matter how many efforts a prostitute takes to keep fit, go in for sports and preserve the disappearing natural beauty, time is implacable. At some time she has to stop her activity. Only 10% of the women stay working as a prostitute all their life. The rest have to acquire new skills, professions or return to their former occupation, left for the sake of prostitution. Not all the women are successful.

The top of the career of a call girl can be considered her changed status – a kept woman. Not every escort can find a prosperous man, who is ready to ignore the past of his woman. Those who haven’t managed to become a kept woman can start their own business, the rest have to sell themselves. Fortunately, there are a lot of men who prefer mature ladies.

The escort girls of Irkutsk fully devote themselves to the profession, and their income is constantly growing. They bring pleasure, which is well-paid.