Crisis: why we gave up with sexual intercourses

The proportion of adults in the United States who have not had sex for months or even years continues to grow. Judging by the results of recent surveys, over the past 2018, one in four Americans (more than 25%) did not have a single sexual partner.

Crisis: why we gave up with sexual intercourses

15% of respondents had no sex during the last five years.

This is a record figure for the last three decades – for the first time such statistics National center for the study of public opinion began to conduct in the United States since 1988.

It is logical to assume that one of the reasons for this decrease in sexual activity is the general aging of the nation: the baby boomer generation, born in 1946-1964, ceases to have sex for natural reasons.

However, to the surprise of scientists, almost the same number (23%) of young respondents – adult men and women under the age of 30 said about the complete absence of sexual partners over the last year.

This is more than twice as just 10 years ago.