Coronavirus decreases the level of testosterone in men

The employees of Mersin University (Turkey) conducted the investigations, in which men with diagnosed COVID-19 took part. This work demonstrated the connection between the risk of being hospitalized and the level of testosterone. So, the lower the level of testosterone a man has, the higher the risk of being hospitalized in resuscitation.

decrease in the level of testosterone in men

Also they managed to find out that more than 50% of the investigated men had the indicators of testosterone lower than the medium level. On the basis of these investigations the specialists came to the conclusion that the immunity of the respiratory system and testosterone were connected with each other. And if its level lower than the medium one or very low - men with the confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 have the higher risk of being hospitalized.

The investigation gives reasons to consider that the coronavirus infection leads to decrease in the level of testosterone and it is necessary to take this into account when such patients are hospitalized and then treated. Thus, after the hospitalization it is recommended to check the level of this hormone and if it turns out to be very low, it is prescribed to fix necessary therapy to the patients.

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