Chinese woman had 300 lovers while her husband was too busy

According to a mother of two children from Beijing, she was trying to have fun because her husband was busy at work. In addition to amorous pleasures, the Chinese woman lured money from her boyfriends.

300 lovers in three years

A married woman with children lived under the assumed name Zhou (Zhang) Mo for three years. She met men, had intimacy with them and demanded sponsorship. The amount of voluntary donations exceeded 5 million rubles, and the confirmed number of victims of the passionate Chinese woman reached 300.

The woman claims that she did not pursue the goal of getting money: she was simply having fun, since she was deprived of communication with her husband - the latter preferred to spend all the time at work. The woman spent the money received on entertainment: all funds were spent in online games and casinos. Zhang's relatives suspected something was wrong, but didn't react.

The judicial investigation continues: it is possible that the real number of lovers was even greater. A Chinese woman can be sentenced for 8 years and she will have to pay out a big financial fine. She is accused of lying and fraud, not open relationship.