Changing sex affiliates improves sperm quality

Monogamy is not peculiar to men, which is why they tend to seek entertainment on the side. If you want your sperm to become better, then you just need new sensations – it is necessary to pick up a new partner, and spend an unforgettable night with her.

Changing sex affiliates improves sperm quality

According to sociological research, sex with different partners helps to increase the number of active sperm, make sperm more delicious and pleasant. Sex with a constant partner hinders this process. If you want to avoid stagnation, you should think about elite prostitutes (or even several). In addition, a study was conducted at Worcester College: students were given jars for sperm and showed pictures of different women.

For this study, it was necessary to collect sperm samples from 30 students who watched seven different erotic videos. At the first six videos was one and the same actress, at the seventh - new girl. It was during watching the video with her, students gave the highest quality sperm in the shortest time. The test was carried out in several visits, between which two and three days passed. It turns out that if a man looks at a photo of strangers, then ejaculation occurs several times faster than at the sight of a constant girl.

We draw conclusions: if a man from time to time goes to the left, then his wife and he himself only benefit from this. The main thing is – to keep such a spree in secret.