Accidental sex improves health

Some people experiencing another crisis in their personal lives tend to drown their grief in a bottle of wine or a stronger drink, but a new study showed that there is a more pleasant way to get rid of depression.

Accidental sex improves health

A study recently conducted by scientists from New York University, denied the widespread belief that casual sex is the cause of lower self-esteem and is fraught with the development of such a mental disorder as depression. It turns out; intimate ties on one night have utterly the opposite effect.

During the study, the researchers asked students from the University of the United States to keep a diary for 12 weeks and record in it their feelings and emotions that arise after casual sexual relations. The result amazed the researchers. They did not expect that sexual intercourse with a “one-time” partner can be useful for health.

The study showed that casual sex not only relieves feelings of dissatisfaction with life, but also increases self-esteem.

“After analyzing the records made by the participants of the study, we found that after casual sexual contacts, students were more satisfied with their lives, themselves and their own qualities, and as a result got rid of the symptoms of depression: anxiety and mood reduction. As a rule, the respondents we interviewed approved of casual sex, considering it a kind of buffer against problems in personal life, and mainly pointed to the advantages of such ties,” the report of American scientists says.

The researchers noted another surprising result of the survey: they found no gender differences, that is, girls agreed and enjoyed casual sex as often as guys.

This is not surprising, given the data of a study conducted earlier by British scientists, according to which fans of casual sex are the fair sex: for sex for one night voted half of the 1,000 women surveyed. It is noteworthy that these 50% were not girls, but ladies aged 30 to 40 years.