Breathing control during sex

Breathing control is one of the most important factors affecting the quality of intercourse. Often women hold their breath at some stage of intimacy, which can negatively affect both health and sexual life. Special exercises that are compatible with Kegel excercises help control the breathing process.

breath control

The exercises can be performed while the partner caresses the woman orally or with his fingers. By practicing them during foreplay, you can not only significantly increase the pleasure you receive, but also distract yourself from negative thoughts. Sometimes a light slap on the clitoris or labia is sufficient to relieve the spasm from the muscles of the vagina. You can experiment with the ways to warm up. But it mustn't bring discomfort.

Breath control

It is quite common for people to hold their breath automatically during sex. As a rule, this occurs due to muscle strain or psychological tension. In the case of women, holding back the breath occurs most often during the pushing phase. A short delay can cause pleasant sensations, but if you overdo it, then due to a lack of oxygen, you can spoil all your pleasure or even faint.

If you notice that your partner often holds back her breathing when muscle contractions occur, then you should work together to solve this problem. It is desirable that during sex the partner makes at least 6 breaths and exhalations per minute. Watch your breathing carefully. Breathing in and out is usually audible and tactile, so it is not difficult to control a woman's breathing. If she holds back the breath automatically, help her breath properly The lungs should be freely ventilated, so avoid awkward squeezing positions. It is important that your partner can breathe calmly. It is useful to observe the rhythm of inhalation and exhalation. If you have trouble holding your breath, try counting to yourself to six, breathing in and out every sixth.

Make sure the tension is concentrated in the pelvic area. The rest of the body should be as relaxed as possible. It also helps you breathe freely and feel less pressure during sex. Also tense genitals become more sensitive, which increases the strength and duration of orgasm. It is incredibly helpful to combine breathing control exercises with Kegel exercises. While the former help to relax and catch the wave, the latter make the muscles of the genitals stronger and more elastic. These two practices in combination help to get the most pleasure from intercourse.