Breaking the myths about female orgasm: top 6

Female orgasm is a very mysterious thing, especially for men. But even some women don’t know the abilities of their bodies and are likely to jump to conclusions.

myths about female orgasm

Let’s break these social myths together.

Myth 1: All women get vaginal orgasms.

It is because of this unverified fact that many girls consider themselves to be somehow wrong, they are sure that they are sick or something is wrong with them. They pretend, depriving themselves of full pleasure, and after sex they think for a long time what is happening, why it does not bring them the proper pleasure.

If you think this is about you, forget this nonsense right away! The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists from Canada has conducted a study and proved that vaginal orgasm is available only to 30% of girls. The rest of them cannot get ultimate pleasure without additional stimulation.

Myth 2: All women behave the same way during orgasm.

And again - men have created this myth, which many girls take for granted. It is believed that a woman is obliged to come passionately, the muscles of the vagina contract, the man feels it with his penis, and also hears loud moans of pleasure.

Yes, a large percentage of women, having an orgasm, behave this way, but there are ladies who cannot understand themselves whether they have had orgasm or not. Scientists at Brown University have determined that some girls have the pelvic and vaginal muscles which do not contract. All girls show a different reaction during orgasm, and this is normal, these are the characteristics of the body, you should not expect from a partner the things that her body is not capable of.

Myth 3: Female ejaculation is called squirt

Experts in sexology are still arguing about what squirt is. Such an orgasm is rare, most often seen in porn, but not every girl can easily experience this, despite the desire.

All that is known is that squirt brings more pleasure than a regular orgasm.

Is there any female ejaculation similar to male? Sexologists consider female «‎sperm»‎ to be the whitish fluid that the body secretes during orgasm. It should not be confused with the natural lubrication that occurs during arousal. Many scientists insist that squirt is just a liquid that comes from the bladder if a girl is intensively stimulated in this place.

Myth 4: The G-spot definitely exists and everyone knows where it is.

Sex is such a broad area of research that even in the modern world, much remains a mystery. Especially when it comes to the female body. This also applies to the G-spot, which everyone talks about, but no one knows exactly where to actually look for it.

There is an assumption that Skene's gland (the one from which a light liquid is released, which is considered to be female ejaculate) is itself part of the G-spot or is located somewhere near it. Such conclusions are made because most women are delighted with the stimulation of this zone.

Myth 5: A woman's orgasm depends only on her partner.

This myth is common among men, but many women also insist on this point of view. It is important to understand here that a girl's body is a whole maze, and each lady has her own branches and turns.

Even the best lover will not give a girl pleasure if he does not know her and has not adapted to her body. The female orgasm does not depend on the man, but on how both partners combine sensory and psychological signals.

Myth 6: Not having an orgasm is frigidity.

In general, the world «‎frigid»‎ is considered insulting, but in fact it is a diagnosis, and it is rather unpleasant. But this has little to do with the lack of orgasm. Frigidity is about being unable to get aroused. If a woman is unable to get an orgasm, then such a deviation is called «‎anorgasmia».

Anorgasmia has two varieties. Total - this is when a woman cannot get pleasure at all, and coital - when masturbation can lead to orgasm, but classic sex can’t.