Benefits of oral sex for women

Based on the facts published by Western colleagues, we may expect a surge in accusations of bias and male collusion to influence women.

Oral sex is good for health

I don't know who gives research grants to these British scientists, but ... this time, we have been proved the benefits of blowjob for women's health.

Yes, blowjob is useful for women. And it is not just useful as, for example, occasional eating mango, but useful only with regular use at least twice a week.

So, what parts of your woman's body will be grateful to you if you regularly receive oral stimulation.


We have already written and even drawn about the benefits of sperm. If you suddenly missed the information, the male extract contains valuable minerals that have a beneficial effect on the gums, in addition, the sperm contains significantly more zinc and calcium than in the most expensive toothpaste and regular contact of the seed on the tooth enamel helps to strengthen it. The probability of caries is reduced by almost 40% with two «sessions» a week.

Breasts and ass

In addition to minerals, the male seed is full of hormones-prostaglandin. These hormones stimulate the production of female hormones, including estrogen, which leads to the strengthening of the skin and hair, and most importantly estrogens are responsible for the volume of the breast and thighs :)

Burning calories

If you watched «Sex and the city» you probably remember the epoch-making monologue of the heroine Kim Cattrall about how women love to do a long and passionate blowjob. With complete dedication, a quarter of an hour of oral stimulation burns more calories than an exercise bike. And an hour (I wonder how it was detected and who practices it) can destroy a previously eaten hamburger and a pack of chips. Well, of course, the «athlete» should not catch up with a portion of calories at the end of the process and not swallow.

Cures ulcers

Again, remember the composition of sperm and the fact that it also includes lipids and amino acids, which are imputed healing abilities for gastritis, colitis and ulcers.

Preventing miscarriages

It is worth mentioning that this hypothesis is still being tested and finally is not confirmed, but is already used by a number of «pioneers». The essence of the hypothesis is that exchanging seminal fluid with a female partner (including during a blowjob), the female body receives a marker of the partner's DNA. In the case of pregnancy, the presence of this marker helps to strengthen the fetus in the uterus. This effect of «habituation of the immune system» is observed with long-term preliminary contacts of partners (at least a month of regular acts).