At what period if life does sex become fatal?

American scientists have conducted a number of studies in which it was found that often having sex in old age is dangerous for men, because it increases the risk of a heart attack. But for women frequent copulations are useful because of the hypertension threat reduction.

At what period if life does sex become fatal?

The researchers said that this discovery refutes the generally accepted view that making love is equally useful for people of any age and gender. In the course of observations of the sexual life of older people, the researchers found that older men who have sex more than once a week, suffer from twice as often heart diseases than those who have ceased to have sex. The experiment involved more than two thousand elderly people aged 57 to 85 years.

In addition to diagnosing the condition of the vessels and the heart, doctors asked patients how often they have sex, and what place it takes in their lives. A few years later, the survey was repeated. In addition, follow-up examinations were carried out, which revealed how regular sexual activity in adulthood affects their lives in general.

All this, according to doctors, should be taken into account in the recommendations of therapists and sexologists during consultations with elderly patients. Doctors should understand that the benefits of sex are markedly different for different sexes.