Is foreplay essential in relations?

Some couples neglect foreplay. Is it right? In fact, an orgasm is directly dependent on the availability of the preludes. This is especially true of women.

Is foreplay essential in relations?

How should it not be?

Mistakes are often made by men. This can be attributed to:

  • Lack of caresses;
  • Rush;
  • Rudeness;
  • Hackneyed script.

If with all points everything is extremely clear without explanations, then on the last it would be desirable to stop in more detail. Very often it happens that couples begin their sexual intercourse in exactly the same way. It deprives sex of any piquancy. And it is foreplay that will help to provoke and revive the relationship.

Foreplay is only for women

There is an opinion that foreplay is important only for women. But this is only partly correct, because a man can get an orgasm without any prior preparation.

But do not forget about the morale of both partners. To fully surrender to the process, it is necessary that both man and woman were tuned to it. Foreplay is a universal way to achieve this.

It is also worth saying that if a guy strongly insists when the girl is unwilling to have sex, for her it can be a very painful process. It's a form of violence. We must respect each other's wishes.

How to spice up foreplay?

In general there are many methods to diversify your sex life, and for each person they are individual.

Some believe that foreplay should begin immediately before sexual intercourse, but this is not quite true. In fact, this process can be extended and started much earlier.

Sexologists around the world agree that foreplay not only strengthen love and friendship in a couple, but also warm up mutual interest in each other's desires.

Sex can begin even when partners are still in clothes. Already then they «hear»‎ each other smells and aphrodisiacs, and may build the most heated fantasies. This also includes kissing, touching, stroking. This can already be called a prelude. There are no classical rules or instructions in the world, everything is very individual. And what the most pleasant thing is that a huge field for experiments opens before partners.

In general, the success of any business is determined by its beginning. And sex is no exception to this rule! That is why foreplay is so important and should not be overlooked.