Anal sex for the first time

Anal sex is not a joke; it is for those who like hotter. A friend of mine even felt an innocent victim in this field. There was no sodomy in his mind, but it was an accident. After drinking his female partner to death, drinking himself for the mood, he took her to fuck in kindergarten. Deftly he bent her over the sandbox and inserted his phallus. But he missed in the dark. The unexpected resistance of the flesh did not bother this tough guy, and he turned up the heat. Even when he felt a sharp pain, he did not stop until he cummed.

How to have anal sex for the first time?

In the morning, he woke up covered in blood with a torn frenulum of his penis. What about the girl? The harshness and vandalism of this intercourse did not make her scream and squirm. She didn't even show any signs of life. Apparently, this state is just called «being drunk into the ass». Alcohol and drugs, as we know, liberate and are constant companions, more precisely – provocateurs of anal sex. Carousing fantasy makes you forget about the false shame.

Is the fact of anal intercourse humiliating? Hardly. As for the Christian morality regarding copulation, any kind of sex that does not lead directly to fertilization can be considered a deviation.

Some consider anal sex the best way to diversify sexual life; others have a deep aversion to the idea.

Anal sex is a favorite rustic fun in Russia, due to the natural contraception of the act. In ancient Greece and Rome, it was considered absolutely normal to have sexual intercourse between a teacher and a disciple, through which wisdom was transmitted. The active energy of the mentor apparently contributed to mental fertilization. The students grew up, matured, and had sex with women. Therefore, the student of Socrates was Plato, not some Themistocles. Always the strongest imposed the will of the weaker: with sword or phallus, destroying or creating. And what could be more shameful for a woman than the unwillingness and inability to satisfy a man! All arguments «against» may be safely called excuses, because:

«Honey, let's try something different today».


«In this way.»

«Oh, no!»

«Why not?»

  1. Not today.
  2. I have such a small, delicate hole, it will not work.
  3. I want you so much, don't get distracted!
  4. I'm not ready to experiment.
  5. Are you trying to make fun of me?
  6. I'm not a masochist.
  7. I don't think it's useful...
  8. Anything you want, but not this! And so on...

So here is all ambiguous. Moreover, there is a hypothesis that men prefer to engage in such perversion more than women, due to anatomical features. In men, the rectum is adjacent directly to the prostate gland, and its stimulation causes not only an erection, but also a subsequent orgasm. In women, individual features of the structure of the posterior wall of the uterus, which is allegedly stimulated during anal sex, are more important, but not all of it is located close enough to the anus.

Therefore, perseverance on the part of men smacks of sadistic tendencies. But this is not a sin. It is necessary to diversify the sexual menu not only from the point of view of acrobatics. The mobility of the female psyche quite allows you to try on different roles and as a result «get hooked» on a particular type of sex. A friend of mine turned to a sex therapist about the inability to engage in traditional sex, after six months of indulging exclusively anal. No masochism could make her «give» in the usual way, she was just not interested. But her partner was already tired of such monotony.