Amsterdam: modified conditions for tours to the red light area

The conditions for excursions to the «red light district»‎ have changed by the municipality of Amsterdam. The city authorities have posted an official statement on the news portal about this. Starting in the spring of 2018, tourist groups of 5 or more people must apply for a visit to the «hot spots»‎, which must be approved directly by the mayor's office of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam: modified conditions for tours to the red light area

At the same time it is forbidden to take drugs and drink alcohol, take pictures and record video during the excursion tours. The main requirement for excursions is that they should be quiet and end no later than by 23 hours.

No less important innovation is that tourists must not look at the prostitutes in the windows. This task is assigned directly to the guide, who must ensure that guests are constantly staying with their backs to the girls.

Before visiting the «red light district»‎ guide is obliged to warn tourists to behave tactfully towards the locals and representatives of the oldest profession. If this condition is not met, the fine for the guide will be 190 euros, and if the guilty will be an accredited guide from a large travel company, the size of a one-time penalty may be increased to 950 euros. If there are more than three violations, then the guide will simply be taken away a license to carry out his professional activities.