A technique for female masturbation

Do you know how many women masturbate? Although there is a stereotype that only man are crazy about masturbating, women are also engaged in this activity.

A technique for female masturbation

Both teenage girls and mature ladies olay with themselves. There are many techniques for self-satisfaction. Here are top 3 of them.:

  • «Clitoris first»‎: a woman finds her clitoris and starts rubbing it a a different speed and with different pressure till she experiences the brightest orgasm.
  • «A pleasant assistant»‎: A girl uses a dildo while masturbating. Nowadays there are dildos of all shapes and colours so its possible to imitate an intercourse and the girl gets similar sensations in the process and after it.
  • «Searching for a G-spot»‎: the famous G-spot interests lots of women. It is located at the back of the vagina. You can stimulate it using both sex toys and your fingers. Nowadays there are special toys for stimulating this zone.

Female masturbation is not shameful and partners can use it as a foreplay.

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