A female officer faces imprisonment for having an intimate relationship with a known drug dealer

The British woman said that she did have a sexual relationship with him. Soon she will be given a court decision, which will be held in February. Find out more about the scandalous case from this material. A prison worker is facing imprisonment for having an affair with a drug dealer named Curtis «Cocky» Warren.

female officer may be arrested for sex with a criminal

Her name was Stephanie Smithwhite, 40 years old, and she was an officer in this prison, in Frankland Durham, in the UK, where the drug dealer was serving time. The British woman was twice before the Royal court. In 2 cases, she was accused of violating official discipline.

Sex between the offender and the officer continued from mid-summer to the end of 2018.Stephanie was aware that Warren had illegal access to a cell phone, but did not inform the authorities. This was a special made «‎prison transmitter», it was the size of a small coin.

The British woman will be sentenced on February 7, 2020, after the probation service offers a report on her activities. The judge added that she will certainly face a prison sentence, but what the term is, is not yet clear.

57-year-old drug dealer Curtis Warren was born in Liverpool. He is a well-known international drug dealer who earned tens of millions of pounds on black transportation. The criminal began living in the Netherlands in the 90's and was arrested after police officers found a storage room with drugs and weapons in his villa.

A couple of weeks after his release, he was back behind bars in Jersey for being involved in drug smuggling plots. In 2013, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for failing to implement the conditions for the confiscation of property in the amount of 198 million pounds (approximately 16 billion rubles).

Stephanie is not the only one who risked her career for the sake of a hot feeling to a prisoner. Aisha Gunn, 27, from Wales, was a warden at one of the largest prisons in the UK. Not so long ago, she was also sentenced to prison for a 4-month affair with a criminal.

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