5 sex positions that women just hate

Experts conducted a survey that revealed the five most popular poses in sex. It is believed that all poses are beautiful. In each of them you may find a highlight and get real pleasure. However, as it turned out, representatives of the fair sex have a completely different opinion on this matter.

sex poses

More than 1,200 women took part in the survey. They were asked to express their preferences in sex, as well as tell about what they categorically do not like. Today we will tell you about the five most hated positions for female representatives.

Missionary position

Many people do not like it because a man does not know how to transfer his weight to his hands, and falls on his partner. Therefore, men, please pay attention to this moment with this pose. Suddenly, the girl's face is contorted from discomfort, not from pleasure in the process.


Yes, it is this pose, loved by many men, categorically do not like the absolute majority of women. They believe that it is impossible to simultaneously satisfy the partner and enjoy the process themselves.

Female rider on the contrary

Here men are lucky, as many of them are also not fans of this pose. Yes, it has a good view of the beautiful back of the female partner, but still nature did not intend that the penis was inclined at this angle. Pleasure in this position is not enough.

The man behind his female partner

In this position, the woman is on all fours, and penetration occurs from behind. In this position, the penis penetrates deep enough and may touch the cervix, which gives girls unpleasant sensations. If you still want to have sex in this position, then be extremely careful not to cause pain, but only to give pleasure.


As it turned out, many women categorically do not like this pose. For many men, this is a serious blow, because it is so nice to lie on your back and enjoy doing nothing. But among the girls there are many insecure, so they do not want to be the object of close attention and prefer other poses where their body is seen much less. If you still want to have sex in this position, we can recommend turning off the light. This will help to liberate the female partner.

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