He will be delighted: 5 sex positions for active girls

Let’s have a look at 5 sexual positions in which you play an important role.

sex positions

Hobby horse: seated position, lady on top. Are you not happy with the standard cowgirl position? Then it's time to look through the «Kamasutra»! Ask your boyfriend to bend one leg. Saddle him so that your legs hug him, and begin to move. This position is great for stimulating the clitoris. Frictioning, lean forward as much as possible so that your groin slides over the inside of his thighs. Since in this position you have an overall control, vary the pace and frequency of movements, and do not forget to squeeze and relax the muscles of the vagina.

Dashing Rider: seated position, lady on top. In the Kamasutra there are many options for positions when the woman is on top. In addition, in most of her types, the lady is dominating. For example, you can saddle him the way, as if you have decided to ride a horse in a women's saddle (if you remember, until the 20th century, ladies rode horses only in a side position). To start an erotic race, slightly spread your legs, lean on an outstretched arms behind the back and lower yourself a little on his penis. Start unrushed screw-like movements, over time increasing the speed and depth of penetration.

New Amazon: seated position, woman on top

An excellent position from «Kamasutra» for those who no longer want to have sex on the bed, but those who are not ready to go out and make love among the crowd. Therefore, it is worth choosing the position «sitting on the floor»! Make your partner sit on the floor, he puts his hands behind his back and crosses his legs in Indian style. Sit on top shifting between surface and deep friction, then slowing down, then increasing the movement. Girls with experience in this position can sit on the penis in the form of circular movements, thus, you can additionally surprise your partner with pleasant sensations. In this position, the sensitive lower vagina is well stimulated.

Feet shoulder width apart: seated position, woman on top

This is another way from the «Kamasutra», when the lady is on top. Sit your boyfriend on a chair and put a pillow under his knees. Sit on top of him, spread your legs, lean back and throw your legs bent at the knees onto his shoulders. He will pull you in with his hands, and you will be able to push off the back of the chair, squeezing and relaxing your intimate muscles. This position can give partners a lot of positive emotions and a man will be able to look at you, and you will easily direct his penis to the hypersensitive point G. In addition, in this sex position, the lady is on top, but the partner can caress the breasts and gently stroke your buttocks.

Carousel: seated position. Do you want to ride a sexy carousel? Then look at this sex position of our «Kamasutra»! You shoul be in a jack possition on youir bed. Raaise your elbows. Try to transfer your body onto your partner, so that he can penetrate you, and clasp his body with your legs. During friction, he should support your hips with his hands and hug your waist with his legs: one leg he should rest on your back, with the other on your stomach. This position is indispensable for surface frictions. It suits you when your boyfriend has a huge penis and deep frictions will give you pain. In addition, guys will also like this position, since in this case the sensitive glanspenis is perfectly stimulated.

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