5 causes why sex makes us more appealing

Exercise and a balanced diet are key beauty factors, but not the only ones. Sex can also «‎unblock» the way to beauty, as it benefits our health.

5 causes why sex makes us more appealing

1. Shining appearance

When we have regular sex, the hormone estrogen is released. It improves the health of hair and skin. During the process, the formation of collagen also increases, thereby maintaining the density and smoothness of the skin. Collagen is the building block of skin.

2. A good physical exercise

Sex can be a great substitute for training; it helps to be in shape. According to a survey for every minute during sex, women burn 3.1 calories, and men - 4.2 calories. All this contributes to confidence in their appearance.

3. Sex helps during depression

Orgasm can have an effect of antidepressant. When we reach the limit of sexual pleasure, serotonin is released in the body, corresponding to the feeling of happiness. And yes, it is true that when we are happy and smile, we look even more beautiful. Especially good help prostitutes when the relationship in the family came to a standstill.

4. Sex reduces stress levels

Stress can also be expressed on the face, giving us a tired look. Researchers say that during orgasm, the body releases large amounts of oxytocin.

5. Sex makes us more attractive

According to experts, when we have sex, we release pheromones that make us more attractive. Sex has such an impact on the opposite sex.

We can conclude that sex definitely makes us more beautiful and happier.

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