5 cool ways to diversify sex

Many couples at the same time want and are afraid to make a variety in their sex life. This is accompanied by stress and nervous tension.

to diversify sex

At the beginning of a romantic relationship, everything is seen in a more rosy light – you want to create, soar on the wings and constantly smile. However, the further away, the more the partner begins to get bored, and the joint sexual life becomes ordinary and boring.

Experts gave some tips on how to diversify sex in a couple.

1. Use a blindfold

This is a great way to «turn off» your vision and start feeling. If you use a blindfold, you will not be able to see exactly what is happening around you. Research by scientists has shown that as soon as you turn off your senses, others turn on immediately. In this experiment, be sure that the partner will open up for you in a completely new way.

It is advisable to use a blindfold only for one partner. This is due to both security and the fact that one of you must control the situation and make all the movements controlled by his/her mind. It is better just to change roles, and not to use simultaneously blindfolds.

2. Change your location

Of course, we have sex in bed most of the time. But just think about how many interesting places there are that will bring new impressions and emotions to your life. For example, it may be a bath, washing machine, desk, and fluffy carpet. These spaces at first glance seem very banal. But this is not true! Believe me, new thrills are guaranteed.

We only recommend that before starting sex in a new place, check the reliability of all fasteners, so that this does not lead to injuries.

3. Change the contraceptive method

If you are used to the same condoms, because they fit well and always perform their function perfectly – this is good, but you need to make this area a variety. They come in different shapes and sizes. In sex shops, you may find ultra-thin condoms that will give you a more piquant feeling. The main thing when buying is paying attention to the manufacturer and buying in proven places. For example, it may be pharmacies or large supermarkets.

4. Try sex toys

At first glance, many products from a sex shop may cause surprise, panic and fright. Especially, this reaction may occur in those who have not previously visited such places. We do not offer to immediately buy up all the most unusual and start experimenting. Try starting small. For example, look at the nipple stickers, interesting costumes, and lubricants with different interesting and unusual tastes. Perhaps you will like panties with vibration that will gently massage the clitoris or lollipops in the form of genitals. Talk to your partner openly about what you want to try. Don't be afraid of your desires. This is absolutely normal. Do not hesitate to consult with the seller in a sex shop. He/she will tell you what to buy and how to use it. Remember that this is his/her job and he/she treats all questions in a familiar and normal way.

It is not necessary to conduct experiments at home and replace professional tools with what is currently at hand. For example, if you want to experiment with wax, then you should use special candles that have a lower melting point than normal. To use in sex candles from the supermarket is dangerous for your health.

5. Add pleasant «irritants»

Bring details from the pleasant past into your life. For example, re-buy the perfume that you used at the time of meeting. You will be surprised how this smell of memories will make an impression on your soulmate.

If you do not want to experiment with the smell, than try to have sex with nice music, put on new sexy underwear, buy different delicacies and wine or martinis. Learn new and interesting poses! Don't be shy! A glass of wine will help you relax and tune in to the right mood.

When choosing, keep in mind the partner's preferences. For example, perhaps he/she is allergic to chocolate or you do not like being twisted in a certain position. It is worth discussing all this in advance, so as not to spoil a pleasant evening in the future.

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